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We all have heard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs but have you heard of the SEO Pyramid? This is a concept which was first created by Rand Fishkin at SEOmoz.
The SEO pyramid strategy is established on an elementary pyramid whereby each hunk is formulated with the other on cap of it. The base at the bottom of the SEO pyramid is the groundwork of all of SEO which is strong quality chunk. This is related unique text that is easily accessible, rich with internal links and makes best use of your keywords. Content is the most important part of having a booming SEO strategy.
Going upward of the SEO pyramid we reach on to targeting the right keywords. The authentic keyword research is cardinal. Concluding the right keywords will foster your appositeness with Google on definitive pages. The abutting level on the pyramid is Link building. Having other reliable website link to your site will raise help the legitimacy of your website and thereby your position in ranking in the search engine. The top of the pyramid is social media. Social media cues your website to become more critical to the success of your modern SEO strategy.
The SEO pyramid is a great way to envision what you obligate to contemplate when evaluating the clouts and languor of your organized search campaigns, which includes antecedence your hard works and helping you concentrate in the right areas for maximum triumph.
The pyramid image proves that SEO really is a plan of action, and proper strategy will aid any disposition search engine feat in the long term… especially for eminent businesses.